Thursday, May 7, 2015

Music Festivals Ban Selfie Sticks

crowd control products If you are especially fond of taking selfies with selfie sticks, you may want to sit down. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), several popular music festivals, including big names like Coachella or Lollapalooza, have banned the devices from their grounds. While some may reasonably assume any bans suggest a safety issue, Coachella offers up another reason: Selfie sticks are, according to the festival website, "narcissisticks." Of course, others maintain that they are unsafe to carry and use in densely-packed crowds.

Selfie sticks aren't the only things on music festivals no-go list. Keep these other safety essentials in mind for your next festival:

"Going It Alone" Is Not An Option
Any major entertainment or sports event, including music festivals, can attract as many as 70,000 people! Although many of these events have ample security, it is never a good idea to strike out on your own in a crowd that large. Go with friends. Select three meeting times per day. Designate when and where you will meet at these times, should you be split up. Keep phones on at all times, and check phones settings if you are in particularly remote locations. Many carriers have modes that still allow you to receive emergency calls and texts, even if your phone does not have a signal.

Safety Barriers And Crowd Control Products Are There For A Reason Site safety barriers, such as retractable rope barriers and crowd control barriers, are only there for your safety. Yes, waiting in line can be unpleasant. In fact, Americans spend two years of their lives waiting in line and just about everyone (88%) will give up on lines with a particularly long wait. Even so, be respectful and courteous of fellow festival-goers. Stay within the lines of crowd control products, whether you are waiting in line or walking to and from stages. At night, it is particularly important to stay within fenced-in areas instead of wandering off.

When it comes to music festivals, bans, rules and regulations, and strongly recommended pieces of advice are almost always there for your safety. Avoid poking your fellows (don't bring banned selfie sticks!), stay within designated or fenced-in areas, and have a reliable buddy system in place.

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