Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Preparing For the Black Friday Crowd

For many, Black Friday is an opportunity to stock up and save money. For those of us managing the lines and storefronts on this crazed-shopper holiday the day takes on a very different purpose- to control the crowds.

The best way to keep one of the largest and hungriest crowds of the year under control is to be prepared and educated on the best kind of equipment to use. If you know that you will be handling a long and growing line, we recommend using our Galvanized Steel Barriers built from high quality carbon and steel. These barriers are designed to be weather resistant, stable, and extremely durable against a large moving crowd.

We also recommend using Stanchions to control lines within a store. When several customers are in line to purchase it’s always best to organize the lines with stanchions to avoid confusion and potential frustration among customers and employees. We have retractable belt stanchions available if you anticipate the need to adjust stanchions and reorganize lines throughout the course of your business hours.

In addition to handling the crowd already standing outside or inside your doors, you need to be prepared for the vehicle traffic that comes before and after your shoppers arrive. Several of our Traffic Control products will come in handy when directing crowded and hectic parking lots or structures, such as our traffic cones and reflective vests.

Let us help you lighten your load this Black Friday with the right equipment to keep you and your customers safe and organized.

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