Friday, November 21, 2014

Keeping Your Crowd Safe with

When dealing with a large crowd, ensuring safety becomes exponentially more difficult. Our Safety Products can assist you with crowd control and help you avoid injuries and keep your crowd safe. Several of our products serve as both safety and crowd control devices. For example, take a look at our Tensacone Safety Cone.

The combination of the retractable stanchion and cautionary cone helps you restrict unsafe areas by both blocking off the area and using a cone to indicate risk. Oftentimes having a simple black stanchion doesn’t send the message that stepping beyond this point will put you at risk, which is why the Tensacone has a black and yellow diagonal stripe belt that sends a clear message.

We also have a wide selection of cones and caution signs pictured below.

Our bright yellow plastic wet floor signs can be read from 30 feet away and are able to fit between doorways and narrow spaces. We offer these signs in multilingual English, Spanish, French and German.

We also carry a variety of metal detectors. Our M-Scope Portable Walk Through Metal Detector is great for any large event, school, courtroom, or train station.

If you’re looking for something slightly smaller, as part of our hand-held options we have a Hand-Held Concealed Weapons Detector that is capable of locating all types of metal. This detector comes with the option of various frequency settings to avoid any interferences. We also carry a standard Hand-Held Security Metal Detector , along with other metal detecting devices.

Safety is always first. Browse our entire selection of Safety Products here.

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