Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Keep Your Floors Dry to Reduce Accidental Slips and Falls with our Wet Umbrella Bag Stand

Keep building hallways safe and dry by offering your customers a complementary wet umbrella bag on our unique stanchion post. Place this stanchion stand in the lobby of the entrance way to provide customers with a plastic bag as they come in from the rain. The recyclable bag prevents water from being carried throughout the building to reduce the chance of slip and fall accidents. The stanchion stands come standard in two basic finishes, but can be built with a variety of base styles and finishes to match any decor.

It is important to keep your floors dry to reduce accidental slips and falls. The Wet Umbrella Bag Stand Stanchions feature an attractive, elegant display of wet umbrella bags. FACT: Did you know that slip and fall injuries are the third largest cause of work place injuries. (Bureau of Labor Statistics) FACT: Did you know that the average slip and fall injury costs $28,000. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Use the Wet Umbrella Bag Dispenser and Stanchion Stand to help you increase the safety of your customers. Prevent water from being carried throughout your building. The Wet Umbrella Bag Stands are mare of solid aluminum & steel construction ensuring long term durability. Custom finishes and styles are available upon request.

CrowdControlExperts.com is a part of the Twin Discovery Systems, Inc family of ecommerce businesses focused exclusively on the commercial products market segment.  CrowdControlExperts.com specializes in pedestrian traffic and crowd control stanchions and systems offering the highest quality and widest variety of Stanchions (Stantions), Barriers, ADA Compliant Posts, Display Posts, Heavy Duty Utility Posts, Single and Dual Line Posts, Belts, Ropes, and other crowd control equipment at the lowest prices. CrowdControlExperts.com has served tens of thousands of customers including fortune 500 companies, hotels, churches, health care, educational institutions and government facilities throughout North America and worldwide since 1993.

CrowdControlExperts.com can be viewed at http://www.crowdcontrolexperts.com or by calling us at 631-367-2005.

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