Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Crowd Control in the Banking Industry

Modern Crowd Control Solutions For a Better Customer Experience

With ample experience providing banks and financial institutions with modern crowd control products for many years, CrowdControlExperts.com has developed a line of banking industry stanchions that can be customized to match your d├ęcor, providing a better customer banking experience and an appealing, modern appearance.

The Retracta-Belt stanchion queuing system efficiently streamlines customer flow, and the addition of a post mount writing table allows customers to complete forms while waiting in line. Post mounted literature holders provide customers with the forms they require in an easy, efficient and organized manner.

We even have solutions offering electronic line management. Electronic line management begins with a 'first come first served' single line configuration created with any of our range of customers guidance barriers. The electronic component manages the distribution of waiting customers from the line to available service positions.

Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction with crowd control solutions from www.CrowdControlExperts.com. Click to view our full range of products or call our friendly customer service agents at 631-367-2005.

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