Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday Stanchions

This holiday season, many leading retailers have made the choice to partner with CrowdControlExperts.com. Our experts helped these retailers design and layout specialized queues to handle some of the larger crowds they expect to face this holiday season. We are utilizing our retractable belt stanchions in queues around the world for store and product sales including the Apple iPhone 5, Guess Jeans, Ugg Boots, Sam's Club, and Costco Wholesale Clubs.

Our retractable belt barriers & stanchions will be used to help the store managers control the special product introductions, black Friday crowds and the holiday rush, when millions of customers are expected.

Our queue designers and consultants utilize best practice and safety guidelines to help our customers design their in-store and black Friday queue lines. For outside gathering places, we have successfully recommended and utilized galvanized steel barrier and water walls to protect property and life in past years.

We take into account the recommendations of police, fire and emergency responders when designing and preparing for these events. Utilize our expertise to help you safely plan for this holiday season.

Check out our specials and treat yourself to increased sales. Turn to the experts at CrowdControlExperts.com to help you strategize a comprehensive solution that will improve your holiday sales. Our experts are ready to help at (631) 367-2005.

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