Monday, November 26, 2012

Crowd Control Stanchions

So many to choose from...Let us help you make the right choice! We offer a huge selection of crowd control stanchions. Whether you need Tensabarrier Retractable Belt Stanchions, Traditional Rope and Posts, Rolling Stanchions, Economy Plastic Posts or Heavy Duty Utility Crowd Control Barriers, the experts at can help you make the right choice. These stanchions are available in several finishes with numerous belt sizes and colors. When you are done selecting your post style, finish and size, be sure to order Signs and Accessories for those finishing touches, that make your setup complete.

If you need assistance designing your crowd control stanchions system, click the link for some helpful hints and images to give you an idea of the possibilities you have. With increased security levels, large groups of people and needs for line control, crowd control stanchions are necessary in most businesses. We highly recommend the Retractable Belt Stanchions for most applications. However, if you are working with a limited budget, our economy stanchions will surely do the job, and not empty your pockets. They are durable, long lasting, versatile, easily moved and good looking.

If you can't find what you are looking for online, then give us a call on 631-367-2005 and our experts stand ready to discuss your requirements. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Improve Your Workers Health and Safety with these Safety Stanchions, Wall Mounted Units and Signage wide range of safety products can help you be proactive, instead of reactive and stop accidents before they happen.

Retractable barriers (stanchions) and wall mounted units, provide the ability to swiftly and efficiently close off dangerous areas, define safe foot traffic routes and draw attention to hazards.  Helping you to easily improve workplace safety management with visual safety reminders in your business.

ESD, or Electrostatic Discharge, is a serious problem which compromises the integrity and reliability of components and assemblies that go into many products. Prevent unseen damage to electronic components during the manufacture of electronic assemblies and equipment with visual safety reminders throughout your Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA), to prevent lost production, additional manufacturing costs, customer dissatisfaction and engineers’ time on-site repair of parts. Utilize our products to: Clearly define EPA boundaries to outline when the safe area is entered and left; Remind personnel of the requirements and to ensure compliance at all times; Ensure personnel see ESD signs at all times, complying with key ESD regulation; Guarantee the best ESD protection and display important ESD safety messages in post top signage to reinforce regulations at the point of EPA exit.

Check out wide range of Health and Safety Stanchions and Posts, Wall Mounted Barriers and Signage for yourself and increase safety and visibility in your workplace in an instant.

If you can't find what you are looking for online, then give us a call on 631-367-2005 and our experts stand ready to discuss your requirements.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday Stanchions

This holiday season, many leading retailers have made the choice to partner with Our experts helped these retailers design and layout specialized queues to handle some of the larger crowds they expect to face this holiday season. We are utilizing our retractable belt stanchions in queues around the world for store and product sales including the Apple iPhone 5, Guess Jeans, Ugg Boots, Sam's Club, and Costco Wholesale Clubs.

Our retractable belt barriers & stanchions will be used to help the store managers control the special product introductions, black Friday crowds and the holiday rush, when millions of customers are expected.

Our queue designers and consultants utilize best practice and safety guidelines to help our customers design their in-store and black Friday queue lines. For outside gathering places, we have successfully recommended and utilized galvanized steel barrier and water walls to protect property and life in past years.

We take into account the recommendations of police, fire and emergency responders when designing and preparing for these events. Utilize our expertise to help you safely plan for this holiday season.

Check out our specials and treat yourself to increased sales. Turn to the experts at to help you strategize a comprehensive solution that will improve your holiday sales. Our experts are ready to help at (631) 367-2005.