Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Type I & II Folding Barricades

If you're tired of wasting money by discarding bent legs, broken wood panels, or unrepairable plastic barricades, consider the Plastic Panel Barricades or the High Impact Modular Plastic Barricade. Our barricades are constructed from impact resistant Steel/Plastic, and all the components can be replaced should they become broken or damaged. You can SAVE $$$ by repairing your barricades and also reduce material going into our landfills. All our Folding Barricades are 100% recyclable.

Our 35000 Series barricades, feature metal legs with High Impact (blow molded) panels. Now you can combine the strength of impact resistant plastic panels with traditional metal legs. These barricade components come together to form a more durable folding barricade.
They are NCHRP 350 accepted with (2) standard or "D" cell barricade lights, meet MUTCD standards, have durable impact resistant plastic panels that are recessed to protect reflective sheeting, have panels that are reinforced to increase stiffness and reduce bending or warping and have steel galvanized legs.

We also offer two series of folding plastic barricades using durable blow molded plastic legs. The 36000 Series barricades feature Economy (injection molded) panels while the 37000 Series uses High Impact (blow molded) panels. Because the Plastic Folding Barricade is assembled with individual components, you can select any combination of top and bottom panels.

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