Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Safely Seize the Black Friday Opportunity

There’s nothing scary about the significant sales opportunity that Black Friday represents for retailers.  With earlier than ever store openings and steep discounts, retailers notched record sales last Black Friday weekend, according to NRF reports. Total spending over the four-day weekend following Thanksgiving reached a record $52.4 billion in 2011, up 16% from $45 billion in 2010.

A record 226 million consumers shopped in stores and online between Thursday and Sunday, up from 212 million in 2010. Individual shoppers spent more too, the NRF said. The average holiday shopper shelled out $398.62, up from $365.34 in 2010.

Savvy retailers can take advantage of the holiday season by incorporating creative, eye-catching in-store displays and in-queue merchandising utilizing standard retractable belt stanchions. From creative touches to full-on holiday spirit, in-store displays and in-queue merchandising provide the perfect opportunity to lure in shoppers by leveraging holiday themes that will peak their interest and influence purchase intent.

In addition to the visual impact of creative signage, retailers can generate excitement and occupy consumers’ wait time with functional in-queue merchandising displays like merchandising bowls and impulse towers for holiday themed candy and novelty pocket money purchases. 

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