Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Plan Ahead for Black Friday Sales

Last year, millions of shoppers spent billion of dollars in the four-day Black Friday shopping period, a trend upward from the previous year. A struggling economy makes it difficult to predict this year’s outcome, but it is certain that shoppers will be seeking bargains. For retailers, that means increased foot traffic.

Retailers can dramatically improve impulse purchases by incorporating in-line merchandising solutions like our merchandising racks.

Advertise specials in advance using signage in front of your store, in check-out queues and elsewhere. We have unique solutions for stand-alone signage as well as opportunities for promotion within the check-out line, which means you can leverage your valuable retail store space.

To keep your longer lines orderly, plan to add portable retractable belt stanchions. This will make the line appear more fair and efficient, a key to reducing check-out line reneging and balking, ensuring there are fewer lost sales and better customer experiences.

The longer check-out line is a prime spot for merchandising impulse purchases – it helps a captive customer pass the time and drives total purchases up. has a full line of in-line merchandising solutions. We stand ready to help you design the most effective merchandising solution for your store. In line merchandising can help impulse sales increase dramatically.

With advance planning and smart merchandising, your “busiest shopping day and weekend of the year” can also be one of your most profitable days. Turn to the experts at to help you strategize a comprehensive solution that will improve your Black Friday sales. Our experts are ready to help at (631) 367-2005.

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