Friday, September 28, 2012

Get Ready For Your Black Friday Crowds offers a full line of crowd control, stanchions, and queue management products that seamlessly integrate with each other and your existing store fixtures. We also offer our expertise in creating a unique solution for your needs. We have helped specialty retailers, big box retailers, chain stores and other retail outlets engage, entertain and educate customers while improving the efficiency and profitability of their retail queues. We have the expertise to help you:

1) Adequately prepare for Black Friday sales crowds
2) Enhance the customer experience
3) Reduce customers passing up long check-out lines, avoiding lost sales
4) Manage the psychological aspects of queuing to reduce perceived wait time
5) Increase impulse buys and margins
6) Manage line flow to reduce actual customer wait time and improve productivity
7) Improve use of retail floor space with in-line merchandising and single-line queue solutions
8) Develop customer-centric, revenue-driven store layout solutions

We are a one-stop resource for crowd control, stanchions, public guidance and queue management solutions. Most products are in-stock and ready-to-ship. Whether you need in-line merchandising solutions, electronic queue management systems, directional and promotional signage systems, retractable belt stanchions or traditional post and rope stanchions we have a high-quality, value-priced product designed with you in mind.

For more information on any of our products or to help you develop a plan, contact at 631-367-2005

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Crowd Control Strategies for the Retail Holiday Season

Crowd Control Strategies for the Retail Holiday Season

As the retail holiday season approaches, we take this time to republish our popular piece regarding Crowd Control Strategies for the Retail Holiday Shopping Season:

Since Black Friday has become the shopping “Superbowl” for retailers, their need to attract large crowds has increased over the last five years. With this, has come a lack of preparation to control the throngs of people gathering before stores open, leading to horrific accidents and deaths as crowds stampede the doors to take advantage of the advertised sales. New crowd control strategies need to be implemented by retailers as these events get larger.

And we are not just talking about Black Friday events. As large crowds have shown us in the past, this now includes events like a new cell phone model introduced by Apple, where crowds of people camp out over night to be the first in line, or a special promotion to generate foot traffic through the store. The recent crowds gathered for these events dictate a new focus needs to be taken on crowd control by retailers, not just in the store, but outside the store prior to opening.

Today, many businesses are currently implementing crowd control lines and queues at the checkout counter. These queues organize customers into lines that control the orderly checkout for sale merchandise and the exiting from the store. Now, stores need to focus on pre-sales opening crowds.

Here are some strategies to help you…

  • Create properly identified barricade areas and lines away from the store doors. Use stanchions or steel barricades to mark off queuing areas. Properly mark off these areas so arriving customers know where to line up. Make sure this queue is set up away from your entry point and does not block your exit from the store.
  • When lines grow, make sure you have the proper number of employees and security personnel directing arriving customers into a queue. Security guards should be staffed outside in the parking lots hours before the store opens for large sales to organize and manage growing crowds.
  • Security should be staffed inside the store as well to provide support for large crowds once the store opens.
  • Control your crowds early…for instance, 10 hours ahead of a 5 a.m. opening, hand out tickets or bracelets to get in the store.
  • Closer to opening time, give out a limited number of vouchers for specific specials. Customers who don’t get a voucher may leave, thus thinning out your opening crowds. Or you can offer them a second set of vouchers to come back the next day, thus spreading out your crowds over several days.
  • Once shoppers start entering the store, only allow a certain number of shoppers into the store at one time, allowing an orderly flow of people into the store and managing your in-store crowds.
  • Make sure proper queues are set up in-store and clearly marked to manage your checkout process and keep the customers moving out of your store in an orderly fashion.
  • Hiring off-duty police officers for big sales in recommended. Make sure you have notified your local police precinct that you expect a large crowd ahead of time.

  • For more information or to help you develop a plan, contact at 631-367-2005

    Wednesday, September 12, 2012

    Oil & Gas Company Workplace Safety Solutions

    We are your source for quality safety barricades, industrial safety, FME barriers (foreign material exclusion) and your worker and workplace safety solutions ranging from outdoor water and concrete barriers to secure your active roadways and heavy equipment to traffic cones and barricades to direct personnel and equipment through your work zones.

    Whether you need indoor stanchions like barriers or outdoor barricades that enable you to mark off Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) zones, hazardous equipment and even warehouse loading docks with stanchions, cones, chain and tapes, we have a variety of solutions to meet your needs. We'll support you from the outdoor industrial work area to the indoor machinery rooms to your loading docks to your restroom facilities with industrial rated safety equipment!

    Visit us at to view our full selection of stanchions, safety barricades, FME barricades, workplace safety solutions, water and concrete barriers or to speak with a Customer Service specialist, call 631-367-2005. 

    Visit us at to view our full selection of safety cones, safety tapes, barriers and other industrial workplace safety solutions or to speak with a Customer Service specialist, call 631-367-2005. 

    Wednesday, September 5, 2012

    Longer Belts, More Finishes and More Belt Colors on Line-King Stanchions

    Longer belts, more finishes and more belt colors… all the same low price!

    The Line-King TensionLine Stanchions now come with a 10 foot long belt as standard.  It’s up to 43% longer than its competition which will provide you greater value for your money.

    Besides the longer belt length, the TensionLine stanchions now have 25 belt colors to choose from along with an extensive range of finishes.  It’s very rare to have such a low cost product with so many options; but with the Line-King TensionLine Stanchions, you now have the best of both worlds.  We have also upgraded our Utility and Wall Mount products to further enhance the product range.

    All of the in-stock Line-King TensionLine stanchion products with a 7’6” belt will be selling at a reduced price while supplies last.

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