Monday, August 20, 2012

Check Out These Stanchion Accessories

Have you thought to enhance your stanchions through the use of stanchion accessories. From bowls to signage to literature holders to wet umbrella bag holders, there are many additional uses for your retractable belt stanchions.

For instance, increase sales on last minute items with the Retractable Belt Impulse Buy Bowl. This simple add-on item can boost sales by placing products in front of your customers while they wait in line. Simply screw the bowl on the top of any existing retractable belt stanchion. Increase the impact by adding a sign to provide pricing and other information about the product. The clear plastic bowl is made of polyethylene that is rigid enough to hold shape, yet flexible so it won’t crack with abuse. Use this product to provide merchandise in front of customers just before check out to increase sales.

Create a safe environment. Fact: Slip and fall injuries are the third largest cause of work place injuries. Fact: The average slip and fall injury costs $28,000. (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics). Keep building hallways and floors safe and dry by offering customers a complementary wet umbrella bag. Place this retractable post stand in the lobby or entrance way to provide customers with a plastic bag as they come in from the rain. The recyclable bag prevents water from being carried throughout the building to reduce the chance of slip and fall accidents. These bag holders fit on many retractable belt stanchions.

Help your customers prevent the spread of germs by providing them a sanitation station while they wait in line. The touch-free dispenser automatically vends the exact amount of Purell® instant hand sanitizer (gel or foam) that kills 99.99% of disease causing germs on contact without the use of water, towels, or drying. Available as a complete sanitation station or as an add-on that simply screws into the top of any existing Retracta-Belt® or Sign Post with no additional tools. All of our sanitizers come ready to use with batteries and a 1200 ml. Purell® gel refill.

Control traffic flow at entranceways and exits with our security swing gate. The durable light-weight panel is permanently mounted to any standard Retracta-Belt® receiver post so you can integrate with an existing barrier or customer queue line. The self closing hinges swing one direction to allow traffic in, but not out. Standard messages or custom graphics can be applied to this barrier.

Customize your retractable belt stanchions with custom messages and logos. Any message or logo from a simple one color message to a complex multi-colored logo can now be applied in a repeating pattern to any retractable belt posts.

Use a mountable receiving end as the most cost efficient way to end a line. Standard receiving ends work with all retractable belt posts and most wall mountable units. The  wall mount receiving end simply screws into walls or other surfaces for more permanent, repeat applications and alleviates the need for a post positioned near a wall.

The Post Storage Cart is the ideal means of facilitating the transportation and storage of both retractable belts and portable posts. By storing the posts on the storage cart, you can more easily setup and break down barriers between events in a quick, efficient manner.

Display your messages prominently with our smart and stylish sign frames. Sign frames are available in a multitude of sizes. They easily attach to retractable belt posts, conventional stanchions and sign posts. Our steel channel frames are made with welded corners and a slotted top opening. Heavy duty frames accept signs up to 1/4" thickness. Paper sign holders allow you to easily swap messaging with a sign printed directly from your computer. Literature Holders mount to retractable belt posts and do not obstruct the use of the belt. They accept literature up to 4"w x 9"h.

Post mounted writing tables mount between two retracta-belt posts and feature a 10" x 48" writing surface. They simply mount right on top of 2 existing retractable belt posts.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Portable Flooring Systems

  From stadium turf protection and ice arena covers to temporary roadways to dance floors, we'll help you find the right product to meet your flooring needs.

EventDeck portable flooring is the perfect choice for important special events on grass, sand, synthetic turf, tracks, asphalt, and a variety of other sensitive and uneven surfaces. Its specialized design permits rapid deployment and break down, making this system ideal for time sensitive events. From stadiums and ice arenas to tents and trade show displays, EventDeck portable flooring is an economical, high performance choice for temporary event flooring and surface.

HexaDeck portable flooring is a portable roadway and heavy-duty flooring system. Use HexaDeck to create permanent or temporary pathways for vehicles, equipment and pedestrians. Interlocking hexagonal tiles create an incredibly durable portable flooring surface for access and ground protection for special events, military deployments, and utility use.

The ArmorDeck portable flooring is our largest heavy-duty panel system. It is designed to handle heavy loads and provide ultimate stability and maximum temporary protection of natural and synthetic turf. This is the most advanced engineered stadium flooring system on the market, suitable for any purpose.

DuraDeck flooring is a portable heavy-duty access and ground protection mat designed to create portable roadways and working platforms for vehicles weighing up to 80 tons. Mats are also available to create temporary pedestrian walkways, working platforms and staging areas for equipment and supplies.

Our square, interlocking general purpose flooring tiles are the perfect choice anywhere a display floor, dance floor, or utility floor is required. From tent flooring to garage flooring and from locker rooms and bathrooms to upscale dance flooring, choose the right TempoTile for your specific needs. offers a full range of portable and permanent dance floors, suitable for any event or studio.

Use one of our gym floor cover products to convert standard wooden courts and sensitive flooring areas into multi-use event venues. Simply install these products over any sensitive flooring surface to create a durable protective surface for tables, chairs, AV equipment, staging, and other equipment. Unlike standard vinyl gym floor covers, our products wont bunch up or create a potential trip hazard.

If you’re looking to rent portable flooring, we are your one stop source for all types of flooring and staging. From EventDeck portable flooring to carpet and synthetic turf, and from built up wooden floors to raised staging, we offer a wide range of options for any flooring need. We even offer portable roadways for cranes, trucks and other service vehicles.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Traffic Safety Products to Make Your Life Safer

At, our goal is to provide products that can help you make your  roads, parking lots, and work sites safer. The proper use of traffic safety products can help reduce accidents, protect drivers, pedestrians and construction workers and enhance safety.

Traffic Channelizers, Barriers & Delineators: High-visibility traffic channelizer and delineator grabber cones and looper tubes are versatile, strong and easy to use. Every aspect of these channelizer safety products has been carefully thought out, from the unique handle designs, the durable low density polyethylene material, the smooth integration of components to the multiple applications you can create making them ideal for highway work, construction zones and work sites.

Traffic Cones: Traffic Cones are expertly crafted using the highest quality materials and are backed by a quality guarantee. High-quality PVC cones provide high visibility under all weather conditions. Check out the wide variety of sizes and styles.

Type I, Type II & Type III Plastic Barricades: Unique, durable plastic traffic barriers are suitable for a variety of different applications. Standard folding plastic barricades are ideal for all applications and provide cost-effective traffic control. Traffic safety barriers include Type I, Type II, Type III, breakaway barricade systems and modular barricade systems.

Portable Plastic Barricades: Provide a lightweight, colorful alternative to steel barriers that are easy to handle and set up. Portable barriers are the most effective product for handling large crowds. If you are planning an event or are involved in an industrial work site, the need to insure both personal and public safety, needs to be considered. The use of signs and portable barriers can be a good way to help with doing so.

Portable Vertical Panel Barricades: The vertical panel barricades consist of durable blow molded polyethylene panels and recycled rubber bases. They come in multiple styles with reflective sheeting to enhance traffic control and provide proper messaging.

Delineator Posts: Traffic delineators meet the needs of contractors, municipalities and utility companies worldwide and are perfect for parking lots, islands and work zones, temporary or permanent applications. These traffic control products are designed and up-dated continuously with the latest innovations in traffic control and highway safety equipment.

Traffic Signs & Stands: Traffic signs & stands include roll-up reflective and non-reflective traffic control signs in a variety of sizes and color with a large selection of legends on all traffic signs. Portable traffic sign stands come in many shapes and sizes.

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