Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wall Mounted Retractable Belts

Wall Mounted Retractable BeltsWall mounted retractable belt units are the perfect solution for situations where a flexible retractable barrier is required for crowd control without taking up floor space. They are commonly used in a variety of crowd control settings including airports, multiplex theatres, restaurants, shopping malls and banks. Wall mounted retractable belt units are available in a variety of finishes including steel and powder coated finishes.  They come in many different belt length options from 7'6" all the way to 50' length, for closing large span applications such as parking garages, loading docks, driveways and tarmacs.  These wall mounted retractable belt units have a variety of mounting options to suit different applications – all are easy to install. And they also come with a wide selection of belt ends allowing you to use them in just about any crowd control configuration.

The wall mounted units come with universal belt clips standard on all automatic units, allowing easy connections to standard receiving ends and most other retractable belt posts. Warehouse units come with an "S-hook" belt end which attaches to warehouse shelving or wraps around poles and connects to itself. Any wall mounted unit can be configured with an optional "S-hook" belt end. Belt ends can also be configured with a magnetic belt end, allowing you to attach the belt end to magnetic surfaces without a receiving end or a suction cup belt end which attaches to glass, ceramic or metal surfaces temporarily.

Extra mounting plates can be purchased for wall mounted retractable belt units, allowing you to use 1 unit in several locations. Mounting can also be done using a magnetic mounting plate, allowing a quick, nonpermanent attachment to warehouse shelving by means of a strong magnet and clip that hooks into holes or slots in most shelving units. In addition, you can also use a velcro mounting plate with velcro straps that allow for quick and temporary installation on any column or post ranging from 1-1/2" to 5" diameter (Longer straps are also available). Or use a hose clamp mounting plate with metal straps for a secure and semi-permanent connection to uprights. The standard length is adjustable from 2" to 5" diameter. And for temporary use on glass, ceramic or metal surfaces, you can use a suction cup mounting plate.

For the ultimate in concealability, a recessed wall mount retractable belt unit comes with a steel plate that lets you hide the unit in the wall. A recessed wall mount unit with door completely conceals the unit behind a steel door when not in use.

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  1. Since wall mounted retractable belts come in lengths ranging from 7' to 50', there are many uses for these products. They are ideal for cash register closures, hotel corridor barriers and warehouse safety aisle closures. They easily eliminate dangling chains and signs.

    The wall mounted retractable belt units are attached to the wall with efficient, small dimension back plates, magnetic mounts, velcro straps or suction cups and are a great substitute for portable stanchions. All of the retractable belt unit variations include installation hardware and are available in a variety of finishes and belt colors.