Monday, June 18, 2012

Line-King Stanchions, Posts & Accessories

Stanchions and crowd control posts come in many varieties today. There are disposable stanchions, meant for “Black Friday” promotions, 3-day holiday sales and grand openings (not recommended for long term use over a year.) There are mid-grade stanchions which are great for indoor locations such as restaurants, churches and pharmacies (not recommended for high traffic areas or outdoors). And there are high-end stanchions which are recommended for high use areas, airports, casinos, movie theaters, museums, stadiums, construction sites and outdoor use.

A strong mid-grade stanchion is our Line-King line of stanchions, posts and accessories. Crowd control products by Line-King offer a broad range of finishes and customization while maintaining incredibly low prices. Each product has been designed by an established US manufacturer with over 20 of years experience in the crowd control industry. Design flaws of other low-cost imports have been corrected in order to provide a product that will outperform any other mid-grade stanchion on the market. High volume items are kept in stock while others are assembled in the U.S. to provide the fastest delivery possible.

There are many options when it comes to crowd control products. No one else can offer such a wide range of feature packed stanchions that ship quickly at a better price.  Don’t get stuck with a post that only works with itself; our products will work with your existing and future stanchions.  Be sure to browse our site to find our wide range of TensionLine retractable belt stanchions and wall mounts, MajesticLine Post and Rope stanchions as well as accessories for our crowd control products.

TensionLine stanchions by Line-King include all of the features you expect in a retractable belt stanchion at a price that can’t be beat. A safe retracting brake, universal belt end, and simple no-tools-required assembly ensure a safe and trouble free product. These posts are shipped two per box, knocked down to save up to 50% on shipping charges. They are available in a variety of standard finishes and belt colors with customization available.

MajesticLine posts and ropes by Line-King are the most affordable way to tame your line with a touch of elegance and class. Each post includes a thick and durable rope attachment ring that has smooth edges for customer safety. They are shipped two per box, knocked down to save money on shipping charges and the simple assembly can be done in seconds with no tools required.

Our sign frames for the TensionLine and MajesticLine posts include everything you need in one convenient kit at a price that can’t be beat. Each frame includes (2) pieces of acrylic to protect your sign as well as a durable universal adapter to attach to almost any 2-1/2” diameter stanchion. You can choose to order one of our 9 standard message signs, have us make a custom message sign, or print your own 8-1/2” x 11” paper sign without the added cost of a custom sign shop.

Belt Printing allows you to add your logo or message to our stanchions.  Two methods are available to get your message on the belt. We silkscreen simple graphics with one or two colors.  Dye sublimation printing is available for multi-colored, complex graphics.
Line-King stanchions and posts are the most customizable and low-cost mid-grade stanchions and posts available on the market today.

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