Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Customize Your Stanchions

A stanchion doesn’t just have to be cheap and no frills.  It can match your décor, be an extension of your marketing/branding department or be designed directly into your environment with unique and different heights, a fixed or removable mount or with a specific finish.

The stanchions we offer at CrowdControlExperts.com can come in over 200 custom powder coated finishes. We offer brass options for all budgets including polished brass aluminum ($), brass plated ($$) and true brass ($$$) stanchions. We offer printed belts on your stanchions that can feature your logos, messages, advertisements or custom colors. Because we have a full manufacturing facility, we can modify any stanchion to meet your needs or custom build a specific product for you. Posts can be cut to any height and we can modify our wall mounted retractable belts to attach to anything including supermarket checkout grid displays, warehouse loading dock frames, or nuclear power plant machinery enclosures.

We can also make signs to mount on your stanchions that have more than a single message. They can extend your branding on the top of every post and we can add panels between posts as large as 72"w x 34"h to allow you to create a custom branded billboard.

Do more with your stanchions than just creating a barrier. Use them to extend your brand, merchandise your products, and integrate them into your sales environment.

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  1. Anywhere people need to stand in line, you will find stanchions. Stanchions are the stainless steel posts that connect crowd control ropes together, forming areas for people to stand in line at banks, restaurants, museums, theaters, hotels, airports, and almost any indoor venue. Whether you choose fixed, removable, or wall mounted stanchions, there is a style to fit your need and purpose.

    Crowd control is of utmost importance to any business dealing with the public, or to any company where people form a queue to wait their turn. For your changing needs, we offer a retractable belt system that is easily adaptable to crowd size. If you need classic styling for your sophisticated décor, we offer traditional metal stanchions in different colored chrome finishes.

    Swag ropes in velour or vinyl connect to the posts to create a visible barrier, guiding the public in the direction you want them to flow. Or, you can use chains instead, which also attach to the stanchions with clasps. Some stanchions are adaptable for outdoor use in case your business operates both indoors and outdoors.

    Most stanchions are made of stainless steel or aluminum which are more rust resistant.