Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When You Buy Cheap Imported Stanchions, Are You Putting Your Customers At Risk?

As an expert in domestic manufactured and imported stanchions, CrowdControlExperts.com knows what you need to look for in a safe stanchion. Cheap imported retractable belt stanchions selling on the market for $24, $34 and $39 could be putting your customers at risk. Many of these stanchions do not contain a braking system to slow the retraction of the webbing when it is released. If a child is playing with this belt in line, and lets the belt mechanism go, it could accelerate at a speed equivalent to 85 mph, faster than a formula 1 car off of the starting line according to recent studies! When this snaps back at that speed and hits another customer in line, it will likely inflict an injury that you may be liable for.

Many domestic manufactured stanchions are the safest barriers on the market. They contain patented breaking technology systems that slowly retract the webbing, allowing it to fall to the floor upon release and then slowly and safely retract back into the post, eliminating the risk of an accident within your queue. Domestically manufactured stanchions also contain anti-tamper tape ends that require you to actually press a button to release the tape end connected to the post, thus preventing accidental release of the webbing by customers in your line. Cheap imported stanchions can be bumped into and their retractable belts can be dislodged, snapping a fast belt end back at an unsuspecting customer waiting in line who could be injured.

Aside from the dangers of these cheap imported stanchions, domestically manufactured stanchions offer many other advantages. Their belts are typically longer than the 6 ½ feet length of the imports, so they require fewer posts for the same coverage. Domestically manufactured stanchions have durable polyester belts, instead of a thinner, less durable belt which appear wavy and flop over on the cheap imported stanchions. Domestic belt cassettes are made of high impact polycarbonate materials, greatly increasing durability, in comparison to the cheap plastic cases that crack easily on the imported stanchions. Unlike the heavy metal found in domestically manufactured stanchions, imported stanchion posts are usually made from a thin tube of low grade steel or stainless steel that will dent and rust easily. Domestically manufactured stanchions have typically been carefully designed to ensure long useful lives and thus have long warranties to support their quality. Imported stanchions typically have a weak hardware connection at the base that becomes loose overtime with repeated tightening and will cause the post to lean. Cheap Imported Stanchions typically have a cement filled base instead of a metal base, which can easily crack and break apart over time from repeatedly moving the post.

Many of these cheap imported stanchions do not accept sign frames, unlike their domestic competition, which offer an array of frames to choose from. Domestically manufactured stanchions typically have a rubber floor protector standard to protect your floors. The cheap imported stanchions do not and typically scratch the floors when dragged or moved across them.  Our domestically manufactured stanchions have universal belt ends that integrate with most competitors' products, including both internal groove as well as external dovetail designed products. Cheap imported stanchions can typically only be used by themselves and are not compatible to connect with other stanchion models customers may already own.

May the buyer beware…this is truly a case of getting what you pay for. Let CrowdControlExperts.com help you make a safe, wise stanchion purchasing decision.

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