Tuesday, May 8, 2012

CrowdControlExperts.Com Now Offering Queue & Merchandising Design Services

CrowdControlExperts.com will now take the complexity out of designing queues by offering our comprehensive design services free of charge. CrowdControlExperts.com will help customers select between retractable belt posts, classic posts and ropes, post beam and panel, and merchandising stanchion options to boost impulse sales by up to 400%, increase margins by up to 30%, convert waiting time into extended shopping time and transform dead queuing space into valuable additional retail space. Offering years of experience and design expertise, CrowdControlExperts.com can help customer’s better merchandise and market products leveraging experts who have installed thousands of queue management systems and In-Queue Merchandising systems. 

Leveraging a wide selection of products, solutions designed by CrowdControlExperts.com can add value to any retail associated environment, from brand communication to space division, display & signage to retail in-queue merchandising. CrowdControlExperts.com will help you select between retractable belt stanchions, classic post and rope stanchions, or beam and panel options. Retractable belt stanchions provide maximum flexibility and easy storage. While classic posts and ropes provide a traditional and elegant look. Beam posts, beams and panels offer a more sturdy and flexible system of crowd management. Beams help prevent portable posts from being pulled over by downward pressure. Panels can be added to beams for additional visual impact and control. In-Queue Merchandising panels can turn your line into a profit center. The experts at CrowdControlExperts.com will help customers select from a comprehensive offering of post, tape and rope colors and finishes that fit virtually any decor. Branding options that advertise a logo or communicate a message to a captive audience are also available to be designed into the solution.

Portable posts allow for the greatest flexibility and are by far the most popular. Fixed posts are permanently mounted to the floor and used where a traffic pattern is determined to be unchanging. A flexible alternative to fixed posts are removable posts, which can fit into floor sockets and may be temporarily removed. CrowdControlExperts.com will sketch a layout, check the post spacing specifications for the correct products selected, allowing at least three feet for aisles, include all appropriate signage and be sure to review ADA and Safety requirements that must be met. 

In-Queue merchandising is another option that is a highly adaptable, modular system that consists of a series of slat and slot merchandisers, graphics and panels to create a wide range of structural designs for all types of queue environments. It includes standard or customized header panels, to incorporate branding or advertise promotions, a wide range of merchandising accessories from baskets, bowls, shelves, hooks and prongs, and infill or poster panels that help promote brands and open up advertising streams.

Now you can enhance the efficiency of your lines by adding Electronic Line Management systems. Electronic Line Management systems are extremely flexible and easy to incorporate into the overall queue management solution using new electronic queuing technologies. Media sales can even be integrated into today’s queues, merging state of the art technologies with design and functionality.

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  1. Look at our new electronic queuing systems for single line and dispersed virtual queues. Electronic queuing systems are perfectly designed to drive faster queuing times. When synced with in-queue merchandising they’re proven to increase revenues and can open up advertising opportunities.

    Let us help you increase throughput and reduce walk-aways, improve productivity by reducing service times, eliminate customer anxiety, reduce employee stress and eliminate ‘sweethearting’.

    For further information on how our electronic call forward systems can transform your single line or dispersed virtual queuing environment, contact http://www.crowdcontrolexperts.com at 631-367-2005.