Thursday, April 8, 2010

Retractable Belt Stanchions for Crowd Control

Retractable belt posts provide maximum flexiblity and easy storage.

1) Your first step should be to select a post installation option: portable, removable or fixed stanchion. Portable posts allow for the greatest flexibility and are by far the most popular. Fixed posts are permanently mounted to the floor and are used where a traffic pattern is determined to by unchanging. A flexible alternative to fixed posts are removable posts, which can fit into floor sockets and may be temporarily removed.

2) Sketch a layout. Check the stantion spacing specifications for the products you select. Most retractable belt stanchions stretch either up to 7′ or 15′ in length. Allow at least three feet width for aisles. Don’t forget to include all appropriate signage, like “Enter Here” or “Wait Here for Next Available Teller”. Be sure to review the ADA guidelines when designing your layout.

3) Pick your style and colors. We offer a wide selection of post colors, base styles and retractable belt colors. You may also wish to consider branding options that advertise your logo or communicate your message to a captive audience.

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