Thursday, April 8, 2010

How Do Retracta-Belt Stanchions compare to Imported Stanchions?

1) The Retracta-Belt stanchion has a slow retract brake, so your customers do not get injured when the belt is accidentally released, unlike the imports which have no brake and can injure a child or adult when retracting from a fully extended position.

2) The Retracta-Belt stanchion has a higher grade belt material, so it doesn’t stretch out.

3) The Retracta-Belt stanchion only requires one person to assemble them or some models come fully assembled, unlike the imports which requires 2 people to assemble.

4) The Retracta-Belt stanchion accepts a variety of sign holders, frames and sign brackets, unlike the imports which have no sign support.

5) The Retracta-Belt stanchion is compatible with Tensabarrier posts, unlike the imports which cannot connect to any other post.

6) The Retracta-Belt stanchion has a 10′ belt vs. the shorter 6′ belt offered on the imports.

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  1. Recent studies show that competitor barrier products without braking systems accelerate at a speed equivalent to 85mph, that is faster than a formula 1 car off of the starting line!

    Don't get caught with an imported post with no brake or you could be liable for injuries.