Thursday, April 8, 2010

SafetyGearAndMore.Com Launches Safety Training-Press Release

Commack, NY, February 08, 2010 --( SafetyGearAndMore.Com has launched a new and exciting training segment to its business line.

SafetyGearAndMore.Com said the training move will allow its customers to continue to provide safety training to their employees at reasonable costs, even in a tough economic climate.

“The company’s long term strategy includes ensuring we are making all areas of safety available to our customers" says President, Ron Dunaisky. "Companies these days are forced to reduce their expenses yet meet mandatory safety compliance. Two years ago companies might have been able to afford to have safety officer in house, or even outsource the role. We feel that today that we can offer our customers an affordable solution to meet their safety training requirements."
Safety Training offerings can be found on the SafetyGearAndMore.Com website by visiting

Current courses in the library cover many of the standard training topics that your company needs. The courses we’ve selected feature outstanding 3-D visual animations that bring difficult materials to life and assessments that measure your employee's understanding of the material.

The Environmental, Health, and Safety curriculum provides twenty-eight courses (over eight hours) correlated to key federal regulatory standards by OSHA and other organizations. The Surface Miner Training curriculum includes twenty seven modules (over eight hours) designed to help surface mine owners and operators meet training guidelines established by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

SafetyGearAndMore.Com is a part of the Twin Discovery Systems, Inc family of online businesses. They provide safety and tactical gear and supplies for families, businesses, safety, and military organizations.

CrowdControlExperts.Com Announces New Line-Up of Stanchions-Press Release

Commack, NY, March 25, 2010 --( CrowdControlExperts.Com has launched a new and exciting line of stanchions for the commercial marketplace, offering the most comprehensive variety of lengths and finishes available today.

CrowdControlExperts.Com said the new stanchions will allow its customers the opportunity to choose the correct portable stanchion to meet any need they may have. Customer feedback led to the development of this new collection of stanchions ranging from 7’6” in length to 25’ in length.

Their first
stanchion is an entry level 7’ 6” retractable-belt stanchion, now the lowest cost metal stanchion available today. From there, the next level is a new stanchion with a 10’ retractable belt, the first of its kind in the marketplace. is happy to offer this stanchion as the lowest cost, highest quality, Made in America, post available on the market. This retractable belt post offers a wide array of affordable accessories, from sign brackets & frames to standard and custom signage. This new model will connect to the thousands of existing stanchions out there in the field today, along with most of the other imported economy posts and other major manufacturers' more expensive posts.

When larger areas need to be queued, offers a 15'
Retractable belt solution. It has all the industry leading features as their standard post while spanning twice the length. The longer span not only reduces the amount of posts to purchase, it also makes setup and breakdown quicker.

And now pushing the limits for long span applications, offers the only post on the market with a 25' belt extension. The longer span and wheels reduce setup time while also reducing the cost of buying multiple posts to do the job of one. This rugged, outdoor-rated post is built to withstand the harshest environments. Its extra-heavy base weight ensures post stability while the outdoor-rated wheels allow easy setup and transportation by anyone. is a part of the Twin Discovery Systems, Inc family of ecommerce businesses focused exclusively on the commercial products market segment, offering thousands of products in categories including traffic safety, store fixtures and displays, mannequins, restaurant supplies, hotel supplies, janitorial items, safety gear, tactical gear, and crowd control. specializes in pedestrian traffic and crowd control systems offering the highest quality stanchions (stantions), barricades, ADA compliant posts, display stanchions, heavy duty utility stanchions, single and dual line stanchions, conventional posts and ropes, and other crowd control equipment at the lowest prices. has served tens of thousands of customers including fortune 500 companies, hotels, churches, health care, educational institutions and government facilities throughout North America and worldwide since 1993.

Crowd Control for Retail Sales Events Such As Black Friday

Since Black Friday has become the shopping “Superbowl” for retailers, their need to attract large crowds has increased over the last five years. With this, has come a lack of preparation to control the throngs of people gathering before stores open, leading to horrific accidents and deaths as crowds stampede the doors to take advantage of the advertised sales. New crowd control strategies need to be implemented by retailers as these events get larger.

And we are not just talking about Black Friday events. As large crowds have shown us in the past, this now includes events like a new cell phone model introduced by Apple or the recent introduction of a new Blackberry, where crowds of people camp out over night to be the first in line, or a special promotion to generate foot traffic through the store. The recent crowds gathered for these events dictate a new focus needs to be taken on crowd control by retailers, not just in the store, but outside the store prior to opening.

Today, many businesses are currently implementing
crowd control lines and queues at the checkout counter. These queues organize customers into lines that control the orderly checkout for sale merchandise and the exiting from the store. Now, stores need to focus on pre-sales opening crowds.
Here are some strategies to help you…

1) Create properly identified barricade areas and lines away from the store doors. Use stanchions or steel barricades to mark off queuing areas. Properly mark off these areas so arriving customers know where to line up. Make sure this queue is set up away from your entry point and does not block your exit from the store.
2) When lines grow, make sure you have the proper number of employees and security personnel directing arriving customers into a queue. Security guards should be staffed outside in the parking lots hours before the store opens for large sales to organize and manage growing crowds.
3) Security should be staffed inside the store as well to provide support for large crowds once the store opens.
4) Control your crowds early…for instance, 10 hours ahead of a 5 a.m. opening, hand out tickets or bracelets to get in the store.
5) Closer to opening time, give out a limited number of vouchers for specific specials. Customers who don’t get a voucher may leave, thus thinning out your opening crowds. Or you can offer them a second set of vouchers to come back the next day, thus spreading out your crowds over several days.
6) Once shoppers start entering the store, only allow a certain number of shoppers into the store at one time, allowing an orderly flow of people into the store and managing your in-store crowds.
7) Make sure proper queues are set up in-store and clearly marked to manage your checkout process and keep the customers moving out of your store in an orderly fashion.
8) Hiring off-duty police officers for big sales in recommended. Make sure you have notified your local police precinct that you expect a large crowd ahead of time.

For more information on crowd control or to help you develop a plan, contact us at 631-367-2005

How Do Retracta-Belt Stanchions compare to Imported Stanchions?

1) The Retracta-Belt stanchion has a slow retract brake, so your customers do not get injured when the belt is accidentally released, unlike the imports which have no brake and can injure a child or adult when retracting from a fully extended position.

2) The Retracta-Belt stanchion has a higher grade belt material, so it doesn’t stretch out.

3) The Retracta-Belt stanchion only requires one person to assemble them or some models come fully assembled, unlike the imports which requires 2 people to assemble.

4) The Retracta-Belt stanchion accepts a variety of sign holders, frames and sign brackets, unlike the imports which have no sign support.

5) The Retracta-Belt stanchion is compatible with Tensabarrier posts, unlike the imports which cannot connect to any other post.

6) The Retracta-Belt stanchion has a 10′ belt vs. the shorter 6′ belt offered on the imports.

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Plastic Posts and Chain

Plastic posts and chain are a cost-effective way to control crowds. Posts can be used as is or filled with sand for greater stability.

Plastic chain has many uses including line management for public queuing, barrier systems, warehouse and shop floors, trade show exhibits, stage props, car displays at car shows, golf courses, airports, fencing, arenas and many more. They are versatile and come in many styles and colors. Chains can be strung through the posts or hung on c-hooks. Sign adapters can be added to top a post off with an instructional sign.

The nice thing about the plastic stanchions is that they will not rust or rot.

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Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Applications

Wall Mounted Retractable Belt units are perfect for situations where you want a permanent but flexible retractable barrier without taking up any floor space. Quick release units can be set up for temporary or multi-site use. Flexible, clamp mounted units mount onto storage racks such as those found in warehouse stores, factories and stockrooms.

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Traditional Posts & Ropes

Traditional or classic posts and ropes provide a traditional and elegant look. These posts are exceptionally good at providing customer guidance and crowd management wherever easy-to-change layouts and easy storage are required.

Keep in mind that different posts can handle different lengths of rope. The lighter the post, the shorter the rope must be. A heavier post can handle a longer rope. Ropes can come in velour or naugahyde.

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Retractable Belt Stanchions for Crowd Control

Retractable belt posts provide maximum flexiblity and easy storage.

1) Your first step should be to select a post installation option: portable, removable or fixed stanchion. Portable posts allow for the greatest flexibility and are by far the most popular. Fixed posts are permanently mounted to the floor and are used where a traffic pattern is determined to by unchanging. A flexible alternative to fixed posts are removable posts, which can fit into floor sockets and may be temporarily removed.

2) Sketch a layout. Check the stantion spacing specifications for the products you select. Most retractable belt stanchions stretch either up to 7′ or 15′ in length. Allow at least three feet width for aisles. Don’t forget to include all appropriate signage, like “Enter Here” or “Wait Here for Next Available Teller”. Be sure to review the ADA guidelines when designing your layout.

3) Pick your style and colors. We offer a wide selection of post colors, base styles and retractable belt colors. You may also wish to consider branding options that advertise your logo or communicate your message to a captive audience.

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Strategies to Buy Crowd Control Stanchions

1) Determine the length of your queue. Know how much area you have to work with. You can purchase a combination of retractable belt lengths or varied lengths ropes or chain to maximize your configuration.

2) Consider your height and use. Retractable barriers typically come in 40″ height but also come with dual lines to meet ADA requirements. Dual line barriers also keep people from “jumping” into line too easily.

3) Choose a finish and color. Crowd control barriers come in plastic or steel. Plastic barriers come in brighter colors, and are lightweight. Steel barriers are more stable and last longer. Stanchion Barriers and ropes come in a variety of finishes and styles.

4) At this point, you may decide you need signage. You can choose between paper sign holders or sign frames. There are many different styles that fit right on top of the stanchions or you can use a separate sign holder to direct traffic.

For more information, view our wide selection of
stanchions and signs here.